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Reusable Cool Earplugs Green

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Cool earplugs are multifunctional and reusable ear plugs, unique in the sense! From now on, no separate earplugs for listening loud music, work, sleep, etc ...

Cool-earplugs have been made from a very high quality and durable rubber. The noise filter is made of ABS, around which a rubber (thermoplastic elastomer) is injected. This rubber is hypoallergenic, which means that allergic reactions with the skin are excluded. Both plastics are medically approved. Once inserted into the ears, the earplugs, by the body temperature take the shape of the ear canal. This is possible due to the special shape of the head of the earplugs, which folds open while placing into the ear. Thus once placed into the ear provide a optimum sealing of the ear canal and the earplus follows every movement of the ear. This contrasts with harder rubber earplugs or hard earplugs.

Prevention, through using our earplugs should therefore be considered essential. The Cool earplugs offer on average, a reduction in sound attenuation of 20 dB SNR (A).
Furthermore the Cool earplugs are not only waterproof but also very easy to clean. Do you just not want to clean them yourself, then you put them in the dishwasher.

Music - listening music at parties, festivals, concerts, for musician.
Swimming - suitable for different water sports
Sleep - what is more annoying (and unhealthy) as a disturbed night's sleep? Cool earplugs are your best friend and offer the solution to a noisy environment that can disturb your sleep. The volume is reduced, so that surrounding sounds can no longer keep out of your sleep. Also convenient to snoring partners.
Sports - is recommended to wear ear protection in various sports, namely motor sports, sport shooting and all other sports in which is a too high noise level.
Work - employers are obliged to make hearing protection available to employees when working in an environment with the noise level of 80Db or more.
Travel - ideal protection for noisy plane, noisy hotel/apartment, ambient sounds, poorly insulated room, noise from the air conditioning, etc ..

Benefits: reusable, high comfort, very hygienic, trendy, multifunctional, easy to clean Tested and approved according to the European standard EN 352-2 2002, Notified Body No. 0403.


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