Safety Products
Safety products: litter picker, bin bag holder, Hand Tally Counter, Disposable Ponchos....
Badges are indispensable at any event. Orakel digitally prints personalised full colour...
One tray holds up to 500 pieces. They can only be used for 29, 25 and 23,3...
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Printed with your logo and/or text in black ink. Available in 14 different...
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Tyvek Wristbands are the sensibly priced yet professional answer to your...
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Promotion: Width 19mm. Available in popular colours. Manufactured in...
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The most comprehensive range of event and organisational products in Europe

Orakel  manufactures all your event, party,  and organisational requirements for your projects, ie Wristbands, Tokens, Lanyards, Badges, Drink Vouchers, Ticketing, Earplugs, Number Bibs and Barrier Tape, amongst many other products.

As the original pioneer of wristbands in Europe, Orakel is a respected manufacturer, only using consistently high grades of material. Their  tamper apparent closures on  wristbands greatly reduces gate losses, supporting both security and safety . Wristbands, together with all their product lines are  trusted tools at events, bars, nightclubs, outside leisure facilities, sporting occasions, schools  parties, and offer high impact marketing opportunities for sponsors.,..

Orakel's reusable Tokens are a resounding success. They work as a secure currency at events, as an organisational tool and for incentives. Highly versatile, long lasting and extremely visible, Tokens can be personalised and are available in many different styles, sizes and print/colour options.  

We hope you will take a tour around our new website to discover  or update yourselves on our innovative new products. As we manufacture the majority of our lines, our team can offer a flexibility of approach to your project requirements, are  knowledgeable and as professionals,  understand the often urgent and sensitive nature of your work. We go to great lengths to provide a pesonable, attentive service.